Realized for:

This startup is working on a real life search engine for books. We built the app that guides users into the closer bookshop in a fast and easy way.


We worked closely with Libricity team to build the app as fast as possible. Time was key because they had to show the application at Salone del Libro di Torino, the biggest Italian book event. We managed to ship a working release before the Salone, modifying the design with them, and correcting patterns thanks to data gathered through user testing that they performed.

Libricity’s team worked on the design and we built the app, trying to be as much agile as possible, and working on different parts of the app to have a fluid process.


The app it’s hybrid: this means that it’s been developed in a single codebase that works on iOS and Android. It’s a web based technology that reduces time and effort during the development and it’s ideal for startups that are in the firsts phases.

Libricity it’s available on the App Store and Play Store.


  • Android
  • Hybrid App
  • iOS


  • Angular.js
  • Ionic