HIPAA and GDPR compliant e-commerce for healthcare products

Selling products online should be simple, but selling healthcare products is not, since GDPR and HIPAA laws are unforgiving and complicated.

Doing it in the right way is hard since it’s something that deeply impacts the lives of people. Storing sensible health data is even harder. Here’s the success story of our latest work: Genebox, a healthcare online business, offering genomic sequencing business.

Genebox is a company that provides genomic sequencing to the whole genome and sends a report on genetic attributes.

In simpler words, by sending a saliva sample they are able to detect disease risk and family health attributes, helping you to change your lifestyle accordingly.

We helped them build a delightful user experience for their e-commerce, considering that the current European law is changing, and it’s going to be hard to conform an existing website with the new law. In particular, EU/GDPR and US/HIPAA data protection laws define complex requirements and huge fines.

The Design

The application has three parts:

  • Homepage — where you understand the product
  • Payment funnel — where you buy the product
  • Back office for users management — where the admin manages the users

Each part has been carefully designed with final users in mind. The graphics of the user interface in the homepage and payment funnel are highly refined since it’s a B2C product.

The Development

On the development side, we worked with top-notch technology. The whole website is built with React.js and Node.js. Regarding the storage of the sensitive data, we used Chino.io to ensure compliance and a fast delivery.

Regarding GDPR and HIPAA

Using chino.io we’ve been able to solve GDPR and HIPAA requirements like a breeze. The service is connected via API and acts as a documental database, it’s already fully compliant, so we’ve been able to focus on what matters the most: user experience and time to market.

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  • UI/UX Design
  • Web


  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Koa
  • Chino.io