Face Booth

Made for MuSe thanks to the UE contribution
MuSe – Science Museum of Trento

The concept

Face Booth is a software that swap the face of the user with a custom mask, thanks to the face morphing technology. Users can take a photo of theirselves and send it to their emails. The email address can be saved and utilized for marketing purposes.

The birth of the project

Face-Booth arise from the Museum-Fi call, an European and Trentino Alto Adige project, that aims to help museum becaming more technological.

We have been invited to a one day event in which we pitched our proposal to 20 museums. More than 50% of the museum declared their interest in our idea!

At that point we were able to choose the museum to work with. We picked the science museum of Trento, MuSe, one of the 10 most visited museum of the whole country – more than 1,2 millions of visitors in 2015 –

The outcome

Face-booth is a software that swap people faces with virtual masks.

After the identification of the right technology to apply the face morphing, we worked close to the museum that gave us scientific help.

For the MuSe we created a neanderthal face mask, starting from a real reconstruction of a neanderthal man.
The exhibit is installed in the new extinctions exhibition and enables visitors to be an active part of it.


User generated content and lead generation

Our first intent was to create a tool that was able to help museums to generate content on the main social media. People was supposed to take a picture with their phone and share it. But after a few week we realized that, the assumption of people sharing their photo with the hashtag proposed, was wrong. So we went at the museum and ask them. What we discovered is that the MuSe visitors prefer to share their photos on Whatsapp and emails. Good for spread the world but impossible to measure.

At this point we decided to change the sharing system, allowing users to send the photos with emails. That enables visitor to receive an high definition image and the museum to generate leads.


This is a win-win solution, and this time results are great! The museum is collecting more than 100 photos a day and user are happy to have the shot stored in their mails.

The exhibit shot 70000+ photos in a year

What’s next?

This first application of Face Booth is only one of the many implementation the software can have.

In fact is possible to personalize and change Face-Booth to meet different needs. We can create new mask, both 2D or 3D, we can change the interface, we can think about new kind of interaction.

Have some great ideas about it? Contact us!


  • Internet of Things
  • UI/UX Design