Apple Watch app development for Lock&Charge system

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Here at Belka we love to test ourselves with new challenges. That’s why we enthusiastically welcomed the Lock&Charge proposal to work on an Apple Watch app.

Lock&Charge is a company that has a bike-sharing Lock system. This smart lock allow users to control the condition, the location and the usage of the bike, using the bluetooth connection with the smartphone. In order to improve the usability of their service, Lock&Charge asked us to develop an Apple Watch app, able to fast lock and unlock the bike.

As the scenario was completely new to us, this app entailed a lot of new challenges, both to the design and development of the product. The experience has been extremely positive and the outcome really smooth and functional.

Apple Watch app design flow

Apple Watch UI Design

On the design side, working on the Apple Watch demanded us a preparatory research and analysis work. This process allowed us to understand the opportunities that patterns of interaction gives to us and the visual language of the device. Obviously, there are a lot of differences between coding for the iPhone or for the Apple Watch. The diversities are many: the dimension of the screen to the digital crown, the force touch, the hardware capability. This, and other minor differences, influenced our choices.

After the first phase of evaluation we made an interactive mockup with Invision that allowed us to show our idea to the Lock&Charge team.

Apple Watch app mockups


The interactive prototype

We always design an interactive mockup for our apps. This allow us to interact with our clients well before having a finished product and, if necessary, to make some changes. Are you curious to know how the Invision interactive prototypes looks like? Here’s the one we used for the Lock&Charge Apple Watch app.

On the technical side

As things stand now, developing an Apple Watch app, it’s not easy. On one hand the product and his development platform are constantly improving, on the other hand the limited hardware and the problems of the bluetooth connection between Xcode and the device (we wrote an article about that) causes some difficulties in the design of an app.

In this case, we worked on a third party team app, mapping the main features we needed to develop and implementing them into our watch app. The result has been a good looking and perfectly working product, delivered on time.


  • iOS
  • UI/UX Design


  • Apple Watch Watchkit
  • Swift
  • iOS