THRON Social Connector

Realized with:

THRON is a Digital Asset Manager that acts as a single access point to upload and share all your company assets like documents, images, videos and so on. It is intuitively organized as a filesystem with files and folders, and provides a great number of third-party integrations to perform different tasks.

We worked together to simplify the social media sharing experience from the THRON platform. The Social Connector is a plugin that enables to easily and efficiently manage the content shared on social networks. This is handy since all the assets of the company are already inside the platform and sharing them to different social media can be time consuming.

Once the social accounts are connected, it’s easy to share content by just dragging and dropping them into the respective social folder previously created inside THRON. The platform lets you assign an individual folder to a social network or combine different social networks into one folder.

Sharing Page

The content is shared in the social medias via a sharing page, when possible, instead of native share. The page can be designed with the built-in editor and it’s fully customisable with logos, colors and themes. Moreover the url can be customised with the customer’s own domain, in order to get the same family feeling. The procedure is fully automated.


Thanks to the share page, THRON is able to track content and give detailed analytics of the users that see the content on any channel. This kind of data provides an added value for THRON’s customers as typical social network analytics simply provide basic demographic or page view insights. Using the Social Connector, instead, the user is empowered with more analytics and data.

The Social Connector currently supports LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

On the Technical Side

The application has been integrated with the THRON Java backend and hosted into Amazon AWS. We are also using Amazon’s amazing DynamoDB and SQS in order to manage the queue of content and the concurrent data flow of the application.

The front-end has been fully implemented in React and Redux, using a Node.js backend to allow direct Single Sign On from inside THRON.



  • React.js
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web


  • React.js
  • Java
  • Amazon AWS
  • DynamoDB
  • Amazon SQS